Silver Plating

Silver plating is a corrosion resistant coating that can be plated on steel, aluminum, copper, bronze and stainless steel alloys. Because of silver's conductivity and excellent solderability, it is often plated onto electrical components.

The benefits of silver plating include high electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent lubricity, low contact resistance, low melting points. Additionally, silver is an affordable alternative to other precious metals such as gold or platinum making silver plating microwave components much more coast effective choice.

AMS 2410, 2411 & 2412 compliant chemistry

>99.9% pure deposit

Thickness ranges from 0.0001" to 0.0010"

Rack and barrel plating

Precision masking for selective surface plating

Hydrogen embrittlement relief baking

Thickness analysis using XRF technology and Eddy current testing

Adhesion testing





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